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Kids need to keep learning in summer holidays
July 20, 2022

You wouldn't want your child to start school in September further behind than they were in July. Studies show kids regress over the summer holidays because it's such a long time off.

In between the summer fun, try and convince your child to read for twenty or thirty minutes a day and it doesn't need to be taxing.

Just reading every day will help with improving writing skills and expanding vocabulary.

You don't need to teach your child algebra or trigonometry. But getting them to do some numeracy will help to keep young minds sharp in time for starting back school in September.

Encourage your child to put down the screens for part of the day to sit and read. If they give you trouble for doing so, just say: "You can have a special day once you finish your reading or we can go to the park or beach once you have read."

Here are a few reading suggestions for all ages:



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