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We're looking for teachers who love teaching kids but wish the school admin could go away.


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You trained to do what you love most.  Just teaching.


Do you want to work in an environment where a child's imagination is fired and s/he and goes home smiling because they loved what they were learning?  Within ten seconds of walking into The After School Learning Centre you will know you have entered a great setting because you will hear laughter, joy and feel positivity.  We work hard with great teaches to instil in children an understanding of what they can do.


Are you a creative, relaxed teacher who wants to reconnect with the reason of why you went into teaching in the first place?  At The After School Learning Centre, teachers who are confident and comfortable can immerse themselves in the process of just teaching.




Great teachers who are empathetic truly understand what makes their students tick.  Are you confident, relaxed and self-assured to be around kids who you want to help develop? This goes to the core of what makes a great teacher. So why not do just that at The After School Learning Centre?  We are a friendly tuition centre that's been going from strength to strength for well over a decade.  This is where passionate teachers who are compassionate, care about children, are fair and hold a very high standard to how children learn, who want children to succeed and know their subject knowledge very well are respected, cherished and supported by parents, children and colleagues. 


If you are a great, passionate and entertaining teacher looking for an epic opportunity to inspire children and plug them into the joy of learning, then you too can sharpen up your teaching experience by working with small groups of motivated pupils.  For us imparting knowledge and exam success is a delight.  And having been around for well over a decade, this passion has paid off in spades with many of our alumni going on to become successful doctors, dentists, engineers and even politicians!  If you have patience and if you are a proactive teacher, then you will have the time to explain concepts and boost children's confidence in a relaxed atmosphere without the usual school distractions.  Where your love of actively passing on knowledge to others is prized and highly rewarded.




We give teachers support with everything and there is no admin. Teaching should be about working with the children and that’s what you will find at The After-School Learning Centre.


The After-School Learning Centre was established over a decade ago.  Our 100% commitment extends to all our stakeholders: teachers, children and parents.  Many of our team of expert teachers have been with us since we started.  You too can be part of a professional team of teachers. 


We make a real and positive difference to how children learn leading to improved school grades and confidence.  PLUS, we genuinely change children’s lives so they go onto doing BIG things.


We are the first port of call for parents looking for professional teaching for their children under one roof in ALL the core subjects.  We offer expert teaching in English, Maths and Science for ALL age groups ranging from four years old to eighteen years of age.  We have a ferociously enviable reputation in getting children into the best grammar and private schools in the UK.  The FOCUS is on exam success in GCSEs, A-Level, SATs English, Maths and Science.


Teachers and children get the best of both worlds - small group interaction and tailored help.

Children get to work with qualified and professional teachers who are vetted and are DBS checked to work with children.  Our professional teachers are true experts who know what is needed for children to exceed their potential in the core national curriculum subjects.  Children get the attention from qualified teachers which they crave and may lack in school.  Children do exceedingly well because their confidence is boosted.


We are the first tuition centre in the UK to offer Mandarin language training to non-Chinese speakers.  We are proud that we have taken children from zero knowledge of Mandarin to achieving A Star in their GCSE Mandarin.




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