A laptop or computer with a microphone and camera is ideal for virtual learning
A second alternative is a tablet
Please try to avoid using a smartphone unless absolutely necessary
You will be emailed an invitation to join your child’s lesson
Please follow the instructions in the message to log your child on
Please log on ten minutes before the lesson starts to make sure your child is on time.
Please ensure that your child has a good desk or table to work from and a decent chair
Our aim is to create a positive learning environment for your child, so please make sure:
  • your child listens, stays focussed and follows the teachers instructions throughout the lesson
  • the room your child is working from is quiet
  • there is no background noise, no TV on, No dogs barking and no younger siblings talking or playing in the background
Children should be equipped with ALL the following before starting lessons.
  • Dictionary and Thesaurus
  • Stationery: sharp pencil, rubber, blue or black pen, green pen, highlighter, ruler
  • Maths students also need a compass, protractor and calculator
In order to guarantee lessons flow smoothly, you are strongly advised to encourage your child to get a drink or go to the toilet before the lesson starts and not to leave their desk during the lesson
For child protection purposes and out of respect for other parents’ children, all parents are required to leave the room once your child is logged on and starts their lesson
All lessons are recorded to safeguard pupils and teachers


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