The After School Learning Centre South Africa caters for children aged between 5 and 18 years of all ability levels, including those needing extra assistance, high achievers and gifted kids. We also offer English enrichment classes for immigrant parents, focusing on conversational and business English.

The After School Learning Centre South Africa runs a social responsibility programme in which we teach one morning a week at an orphanage of 28 children to assist them in achieving better results at the various schools that they attend.

Our teaching and learning philosophy

The After School Learning Centre South Africa adopts a holistic, interactive approach to teaching, facilitating academic as well as emotional and spiritual development. We teach the child, rather than the subject only, focusing on thinking skills, study skills and building self-confidence while they learn.

We begin at the performance level of the child, sometimes doing remedial work to fill in the gaps in academic performance. At other times we stretch gifted children to set greater challenges for themselves.

Much of our material and methodologies come from our sister learning center in the UK. As in our sister center, we teach on the basis of “good, old –fashioned principals” and avoid replacing the fundamental aspects of education with technology. Children still need to be able to question, research, write and make decisions. Our problem-based learning approach is powerful and innovative, resulting in the students developing critical thinking, life-long learning, communication and interpersonal skills.

Our results

Within months, some of our students have received merit awards and have improved their grades significantly. Shy students have come out of their shells and are boisterous, enthusiastic participants in the teaching and learning process.

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The After-School Learning Centre

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