• Maths is taught to all children from Reception in Primary right up to A'Level when the pupil reaches eighteen years of age.
  • Maths is taught using traditional methods emphasising showing working out for every question without calculators where ever possible.
  • Whatever your child’s age, level or ability, the cornerstone of our Maths teaching approach is exam technique and past paper practice for SATs, GCSE, AS / A'Level.
  • The only way of building your child’s confidence and Maths skills is by OUR teachers regularly marking your child’s class and homework and showing them how to correct mistakes before moving onto new exercises or topics.
  • Your child will be taught to pass GCSE Maths earlier than Year 11 and to rapidly begin studying AS / A ‘ Level Maths before starting 6th form. (Subject to ability and your child’s secondary school agreeing).

All types of internal school exams and external exam are covered, and all boards are taught, including:

Whether your child is struggling, or is a high-achiever in Mathematics, we teach consistently and devise the most appropriate route to success. This will be taught at a level at which your child will feel comfortable and confident about succeeding.

Primary Maths

It is paramount for primary school children to fully understand the basics in Maths before starting Secondary school which involves a thorough appreciation of number, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and long/short division. Once your child has a good grasp of numeracy skills, it is possible to help them to answer worded problems. Emphasis is placed on showing detailed working out as Year 6 SATs examiners expect to see this if your child is going to reach a good SATs level. Please click here to see SATs levels the government expects your child to reach in Primary and Secondary school. Numeracy is taught through a variety of materials, including: classroom activities, worksheets and textbooks. For younger children, The After-School Learning Centre follows the Numeracy Strategy of the National Curriculum from Years 1 to 6.

Secondary Maths

From Years 7 to 9, teaching is based on materials which will lead to success in GCSE Maths during Years 10 and 11. Built into your child’s Maths learning is exam paper practice so they learn how to answer questions accurately and on time. Exam technique and practice is the cornerstone of our Maths teaching approach.

Following an initial assessment, a dedicated programme of work will be tailored to suit your child’s learning style.

Each child will work at their own level, being given personal targets at which to aim. If your child is hoping to gain a place at a Select School, then The After-School Learning Centre can structure your child’s work to suit the entrance requirements. There is no limit to the LEVEL which a child may attain as we do not constrain children by their age or school year.

Children in Years 10 and 11 will follow the National Curriculum, unless a parent requires a particular topic to be highlighted. The After-School Learning Centre can adjust work to suit current weaknesses, monthly tests or mock exams.

Past practice papers and tests form the major part of the teaching at The After-School Learning Centre for children preparing for GCSE, AS, A'Level and Further Maths


The Maths GCSE exam content is very similar for all boards. Levels are taught at:

  • Foundation up to level ‘C’ grade
  • Higher up to Level ‘A’ / ‘A*’ grades.

Most exams have two papers; some exams have three papers. Usually two variants of the syllabus are taught: ‘A’ and ‘B’ for example.
All variants are based on the English National Curriculum.

Maths Exams Taught

School Entrance All Years


  • Year 2
  • Year 6
  • Year 9


We will coach your child for the 11+ exam as from Year 4.


  • Year 10
  • Year 11
  • Year 12
  • Year 13

AS / A'Level Maths

The After-School Learning Centre

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