While your child is having fun learning, The After-School Learning Centre, will closely monitor your child’s progress, all the while adjusting the work to stimulate and promote improved learning. The aim is to gently push your child ahead with the objective, where ever possible of getting your child to work at a higher level than their school age.

We note down areas of difficulty which may arise as your child is stretched by his/her learning. After each session, we'll take you through what they learned, explaining where they've done particularly well, or in which areas extra support was provided.

What’s included in the detailed written feedback to parents at the end of each lesson?

  • The name of the topic(s) your child worked on during the lesson
  • Explanation of what your child did well during the lesson
  • The percentage grade scored in class and homework
  • How your child was helped if they struggled
  • Corrections made during the lesson to help overcome repetition of mistakes
  • Nature of homework provided

The After-School Learning Centre

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