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Just a few of the many quotes from parents of children who attend …

"We just wanted to let you know that Jasmine did the eleven plus exams in September and did amazingly well. She has secured places at Dame Alice Owens, Latymer and also cleared both rounds at Henrietta Barnett!!! An outstanding accomplishment. You have both been involved in her education from a very early stage and we wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Seema & Nikesh

"We really appreciate all the amazing work your team has done with Jose and we hope he can re-join in the near future."


"We are very proud of Naomi for receiving her first choice to study Biochemistry at the University of Leicester. Thank you for teaching Naomi through her primary and secondary school education. We would like to thank all the teachers who worked with her to make it happen to get into university."

Graham & Yenni

"I am off to Southampton University this year, which is my first choice university, to study Economics and Finance due to the excellent A – Level teaching I received at The After - School Learning Centre. As a result, I achieved grades A in Chemistry, B in Maths and B in Economics."


"I want to say a big thank you for all the GCSE help and support Jayden received at The After - School Learning Centre. He achieved grade 8 in Science and grade 7 in Maths. As parents, we are both very happy. ."


"From September, both of my boys will be back at The After - School Learning Centre to continue with their studies. Due to your support, Orhan has achieved excellent GCSE results. Consequently, Orhan was accepted to stay on at Ashmole School sixth form to study A - Level Maths, Physics and Computer Science."

Mrs Farooqui

"I would like to say that we really appreciate everything you and your teachers have done for our daughter. I always speak highly of The After-School Learning Centre and I continually recommend you to all our friends and family. Kira will be returning soon."


"Aman received his GCSE results today. Grades: Maths: 9; Chemistry: 8; Physics: 8; English Language: 7. Thank you and to your team for all the efforts and help you have offered throughout his GCSEs and starting from Year 4."

Krishna Sanapala

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your great team for all the effort and hard work in helping my three children. I do appreciate it."

Mrs Rouia Mehradji

"Florentia has moved up two sets at school and will be doing Triple Science. We are all very happy with her results and would also like to thank The After-School Learning Centre."

Mrs Demosthenous

"The Maths tutoring I received at The After-School Learning Centre was tailored to my advanced ability which was invaluable in enabling me to reach my potential in GCSE and at A - Level. This was the building block which helped me to pursue a Science degree at a Top UK University and to land a top graduate job."

Carlen Leonard MChem (Hons) First Class Chemistry, Loughborough Uni 2020 & now Graduate Engineer BAE

"Due to your help, Thara achieved excellent GCSE results, including: four A*, four As and one B. B was for GCSE English Language. Thara started A - Level studies yesterday at Woodhouse College and she is doing: Maths, Chemistry and Biology."

Mrs N Dean

"Omar received A*, A*, A* in his A - Levels. Thank you very much for all your help over the last few years."


"Just to let you know that Nilesh did very well in all his GCSE exams and he got all grade 8s which is equivalent to the old style A* grades."


"It was good to speak to you yesterday and thank you for speaking to my friend Pauline. Zara did very well in her GCSE Centre Assessed Grades She got:- 9 in History 8 in English x 2 (lit and Lang) and Spanish 7 in science 6 in Geography, maths and business She has place in Southgate School 6th Form to study A Levels: English Literature, History and Psychology. Thank you for all your help and support, it has been invaluable with the English and also across the written subjects. I will be contacting you as I would like to arrange tuition for her to supported with her A- Levels."


"Thank you for providing online lessons and support for the kids, which in the absence of the schools, has been great for keeping them both on track."

Chris & Melissa

"The online lessons are great and the feedback is much appreciated. I have just shared the feedback with my daughter who has worked very hard on her stories and I will try and take some photos of her work and send these to the teacher. Thank you so much. I am so pleased we enrolled our daughter. It has been wonderful to have some structure and specialist teaching during this surreal time - I think that both my children have had enough of my home schooling."


"Thanks for being such a good Maths teacher and for always being patient with our child. He really enjoys your lessons."

Ms Wang

"You have genuinely helped me to excel at school and in my GCSEs. Your valuable knowledge and insight has helped build my future. Thank you for all the help you provided."

Amaan Sohail

"The children look forward to their live virtual learning lessons all day. They love seeing and learning from their teacher every time. Live virtual learning lessons are really making a difference and are the way to go during during these difficult times."


"Thanks for organising the live virtual learning Zoom lessons - Ryoma has really enjoyed the learning and being part of the group with the other children during this period of Coronavirus when schools are shut and we have to stay safe at home."


"I wanted to let you know that Zara achieved a Grade 8 for GCSE English Language and a Grade 8 for GCSE English Literature in her mocks. I am very pleased. Thank you to you and her tutor for all the help. Zara could not have achieved this without your support."


"Thank you very much for the eleven plus lessons. Our son is much improved in English, Maths and Verbal / Non - Verbal Reasoning. His numerical reasoning skills are now much sharper. Thank you to all your great teachers."

Miki Taniguchi

"Enis scored an excellent 91% in his Year 6 school grammar test and knew how to handle topics which his fellow classmates were not taught. We are very proud of him for putting in all the effort to complete and go through all the work provided by The Learning Centre. He has taken on board everything taught and we look forward to Enis keeping up the good work."

Mrs Saikahya

"A big thank you to the teachers for the continuous support in the Eleven Plus journey of Chinmaya. Due to your teaching, we are very pleased to tell you that Chinmaya has a confirmed place in The Latymer School and he has cleared both Queen Elizabeth's Boys School and Dame Alice Owen's School with high scores. Additionally he has passed the Eleven Plus Exams for the counties of Buckinghamshire, Sutton and Essex as well. Thanks again."

Neeta & Chirag

"Thank you for all the support you have given me over so many years with my Secondary School studies, GCSEs and A-Levels. I have learnt so much at The After-School Learning Centre. I am now off to study Computing at Imperial College London!"


"Our son did very well in his GCSE exams. We are very grateful for the assistance from The After - School Learning Centre in this, even though we came at a very late point into the process we feel that his attendance at the Centre really helped him. He will be taking A - Levels at QE Boys in the following subjects: History, Art, Design and English."


"Hakan has accepted Latymer to do his A - Levels. He has chosen to study A - Level Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Hakan's success was due to the teachers at The After-School Learning Centre and your management. Thank you for helping Hakan over the years. As a result, he obtained GCSE Grade 8 in Maths, Biology and Chemistry and GCSE Grade 7 in English."


"Corben and I wanted to thank you all so very much because Corben passed his GCSEs. He’ll be studying at A - Level: English Literature, Music Technology and Media at Grammar. Thank you for getting him exam ready!"


"I scored a Grade 7 in English Literature and a Grade 9 in English Language. Thank you for tutoring me and for helping me to achieve my dreams of getting accepted at Woodhouse College to study A - Level Maths, Psychology and Biology."

Keshvi Patel

"Just writing to let you know that Phoebe achieved Grade 8 in GCSE English Language and Grade 7 in Maths. She could not have achieved this without your help. Phoebe is now going onto study A- Level Chemistry, Economics, Maths and Biology."


"Thank you so much for helping me over the years with my GCSEs and A - Levels. I managed to achieve my first choice to study for a Psychology degree at Royal Holloway University. I will pop by soon to say thank to all my teachers in person."


"Wow ... what can I say? I am gobsmacked and overwhelmed as I stare in delight at Alexander's A - Level results: A Star in Further Mathematics, A Star in Mathematics and A in Astrophysics. Due to all your help Alex has gained a place at Imperial College London to study for a degree in Computer Sciences and Physics."


"Thank you for all your support and kindness over the years in preparing me for the Eleven Plus exams. I have learnt many new new things from the wonderful teachers at The After-School Learning Centre. I wouldn't have done done half as well without your help."


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me for five years. I have met many wonderful teachers who have helped me in my GCSE and A-Level studies and I appreciate the hard work everyone has done at The After-School Learning Centre. I wish you all the best of success. Again, thank you from my family and I will visit to tell you my A-Level results."


"I would not have been able to get this far without everyone at The Learning Centre helping me to pass the eleven plus and to achieve a place at Latymer School. Thank you for helping me to reach my dreams! My parents say: thank you for all your support and guidance."

Yaqub, Ziahrin & Zarir

"Thank you for helping Priscilla and Angelina achieve their goals. Especially in helping Angelina to pass and gain acceptance at St Michael's Catholic Grammar School and for Priscilla managing to get into the top Maths set at secondary school. Everything is greatly appreciated."

Mr & Mrs Jamous

"Just thought I’d let you know Nicholas did a science exam on Monday at school and he achieved 28 out of 30 so I’m happy he is moving in the right direction and it’s given him confidence."


"Thank you for the extremely constructive feedback. We are really pleased with how happy our child was after the first lesson."

Steven and Maria

"Just to let you know that Cameron did extremely well in his GCSE Maths exam. He got an A and says that he was 5 marks away from an A*. Thank you to you and Cameron's teacher for giving him such valuable support."

Debby (Proud mum)

"Joanna passed all of her GCSEs and we are very proud of her achievements. She attained strong results in English, Sciences and Maths and will be continuing her studies in 6th form. Florentia will continue with her Maths lessons as normal. Thank you so much for the support you have given Joanna in all the wonderful years she attended The Learning Centre."


"Kerry did fantastically well in GCSE Maths achieving an excellent Grade 9 (215/240). Thank you so much for your help, it paid off and got the grade she wanted. We cannot thank you enough."


"Thank you so much to all your wonderful team for the support and hard work with our son Klaudiasz. I would now like to register our younger son for lessons and for Klaudiasz to start A-Levels at The Learning Centre."


"I love praising The Learning Centre and can't stop recommending you to my friends and family for all the wonderful work you are doing with our son in English and Maths. So my Sister in Law, who is a Primary School teacher herself will be contacting you for Eleven Plus English and Maths for one of her children and GCSE English and Science help for the other."

Mrs Haday

"My son who has dyslexia with auditory and visual delay had weekly Saturday English Language and Literature classes to give him confidence and improve his grades. His December 2016 mock exam results were English Language, Grade 3 and English Literature, Grade 2. With the help of The Learning Centre, he achieved English Language Grade 4 Merit and English Literature Grade 5. This is an amazing achievement for him. I'm so very proud and relieved. I have no doubt and my son also agrees that without The Learning Centre and my son’s hard work, this would not have been possible. I highly recommend the additional two hour sessions and The GCSE Easter Revision Classes too. My son found The Learning Centre really helpful in helping him to develop an understanding of the GCSE questions and he gained excellent study skills."


"Dear The Learning Centre Team, thank you for the passion, enthusiasm, kindness and discipline. Thank you for supporting Michael with his GCSE English learning."

Natasha & Family

"Thank you for giving me great confidence and for developing my knowledge. As a result, I am now attending a brilliant Grammar School. Thank you to all the incredible teachers at The Learning Centre. I used to go other centres and they were too busy marking and there was nobody to help, which frustrated me. Help is on tap immediately at The Learning Centre. It’s almost as if the teachers can read my mind and and are ready to assist, even before I ask my questions. Consequently, I learn quicker. The work I do is harder and a level above school work so it helps me prepare for when the teachers get round to doing it at school."

Ahmad Sesay, Aged 12

"Beatriz is very pleased with the teachers at The Learning Centre. They are excellent. Well done for the high level of teaching!"

Lucie Neves

"We wanted to share some good news with you. Sophia has been moved up to Set One in Maths. We are very pleased with her progress as when she started at The Learning Centre she was in Set Three. With your help she has done ever so well and her hard work and effort has been recognised by her school. Thank you for all your support and for giving Sophia the confidence she needed."

Mr & Mrs Sifonios

"Nathan attended the half term GCSE revision classes and found them really helpful - thank you! In fact he found them so useful we wondered whether you have any spaces or opportunity for further GCSE Science revision classes either one to one or as part of a small group? Could you let me know? And thanks again."

Susannah Rees

"Thank you for all the help and support you provided Michael with over the past five years of primary school. It was great seeing Michael improving in all English and Maths topics."

Heidi Adamson

"Thank you so much for all you have done for my three children over many years. They have all achieved excellent results from attending The After-School Learning Centre. Two of my children are now studying at university. My middle son is going to Bristol to do Dentistry. My family are extremely grateful and we wish you all the very best."

Nita Patel

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have provided for both our children and also myself with the advice and support you have given from the start."

Mrs Arti Bhagat

"Dear After-School Learning Centre team. Thank you so much for all the help and advice you provided to our son Jeram and to us as parents. Your support was invaluable and we are sure Jeram would not have succeeded in his GCSE English and Maths without your help. Thank you again and we wish you all the best for the future. We will be highly recommending The After-School Learning Centre to all."

Mrs Dave

"Thank you so much in helping me reach my goal in achieving an A grade in my A-Level Maths."


"We knew you would be keen to know what our son achieved in his GCSE exams. Altogether he has achieved 10 A's and 3 B's. He achieved As in Maths and Science of course. In both Maths and Double Science papers he was 2 points off an A*. We have requested his papers be marked again as we are informed 2 points is within the margin of potential for an improved grade. We will let you know if we are successful in this. Thanks to you and the teachers at The Learning Centre for your support over the last couple of years. We know the additional lessons gave him increased confidence. We shall be in touch. For your information our son will attend Woodhouse Sixth Form College - which was his preferred option. With best regards,"

Mr & Mrs Bandele

"Thank you for all the help you have given me over the past few years with my GCSEs. A very special thank you to my Maths and Science teachers for being a HUGE help!!!"


"Jaden achieved an A grade in his GCSE Maths; he also achieved four As in his other subjects and one A* in Science. Jaden achieved B grades in all his other GCSE subjects. With the help of The Learning Centre, Jaden achieved the grade in Maths he needed to get into Woodhouse College. Thank you for helping Jaden and giving him the tools and confidence to excel in his GCSEs. We are very happy that we found The Learning Centre. Jaden has progressed so well and we will be back for help with his A-Levels."

Mrs P Matthias

"The results from St Albans arrived today in a big envelope. After nervously ripping open the envelope, I'm pleased to inform you that Daniel received an offer and he will definitely start at St Albans in September. Thank you for your excellent teaching without which our child would not have been as successful."

Mrs Aw

"Thank you very much for helping Ben with his GCSE English. He is much more confident and capable. Thank you for all your hard work!"

Tess & Jon

"We just wanted to thank all the teachers for their help over the years! Lucy is feeling a lot more confident now and has a great understanding of all the subjects she has studied at The Learning Centre. No doubt we will be back when it is Isobel’s turn! Thanks again for all your help."

Mrs Beatrice Bateman.

"Thank you for all your help to Stephen. We really appreciate it. He likes his teachers and said they are very kind. I can see how special you are and l am really happy to have found you. I can see the difference you are going to make, with him. We will of course, build on this, at home."

Neena Hall

"I’ve noticed a huge improvement in Martha’s GCSE English – thank you"

Ms Helena Casbolt

"I would like to thank you and your team for all the hard work that you have put into helping Ciaran over the past two years."

Sam Rayner

"Thank you so much for the wonderful tuition provided to our kids Vetri and Vel. Vetri especially after the initial anxiety has settled well into the tutoring and said that he finds it most helpful. He has given very positive feedback about the teachers and The Learning Centre (including the speed reading course). We have tried other centres and tutors both in St. Albans and London and we are now aware that The Learning Centre is by far the best. We are extremely happy. We would like to continue for the next term of tutoring as well and kindly advise us as to when the next payment is due. Thank you once again."

Radhika Ramkumar

"We recently returned to The After-School Learning Centre after a year's break trying out various other centres and one to one tutors at home. I can't tell you what a big mistake we made and are so happy to be back. The team at The After-School Learning Centre are always welcoming, professional and nothing is too much trouble. The teachers at The After-School Learning Centre are fully trained school teachers who really know their stuff and constantly provide my children with the attention and teaching they crave, but can't seem to get elsewhere. I also love the fact that all the teaching materials and stationery are included as part of the price and thank you to your teachers who always mark my children's work and for showing them how to put it right with detailed explanations. The progress feedback we receive after the lessons helps me to keep on top of how my children are doing. Thank you for all the wonderful help you offer without which we'd be lost."

Mrs Pauline Daniels

"Thank you for your great support in preparing our daughter, Fumi for her the entry exam to Dame Alice Owen’s school. We are very pleased that Fumi passed the exam and she is going to start her new school life there. We are very satisfied with this excellent result and with the fact that Fumi enjoyed attending The Learning Centre. The tests you gave her to complete at home contributed in a big way to preparing Fumi and helping her to pass."

Yoshi Nozaki

"I would like to express my most sincere thanks to you and both Michael's teachers for the help and support in the last two years. Should Michael need extra help once he is in Secondary School, I will have no hesitation to contact you again as you were all extremely helpful and Michael really enjoyed his lessons at The After School Learning Centre. With best wishes."

Paola Argiroffi

"Just want to say a very big, “Thank you” for helping Sophie improve in her GCSE Science. I would certainly recommend you to all my friends."

Alison Gregory

"I just wanted to say that my daughter, Isabel Mason, attended her first GCSE English lesson on Saturday and it was great to hear such positive feedback from Issy. Issy felt that the whole lesson was extremely helpful and the teacher explained everything clearly and Issy was engaged for the whole hour. Please pass on my thanks to the teacher."

Julia Mason

"Regretfully, due to changing family circumstances, we’ve had to stop the lessons. Our daughter learnt a lot and improved a great deal; we are very happy with the homework and progress feedback provided to parents at the end of every lesson which is excellent. Our daughter always looks forward to attending. I appreciate all the study materials provided for the children. Hopefully we will return soon."

Mrs Barr

"My daughter attended The Learning Centre for eleven plus preparation in English, Maths and Verbal / Non-Verbal Reasoning. I want to credit The Learning Centre teachers for teaching her to answer exam questions quickly, efficiently and accurately. She has learnt so much more than just passing the exam and the preparation she received for starting secondary school was invaluable. Her confidence has grown tremendously by being taught by excellent and enthusiastic teachers who know how to motivate her. The Learning Centre have kept her well ahead of her peers and she enjoys the discipline of regular homework. Many thanks and God bless you all."

Mrs Dettke

"This is to thank you for the GCSE English classes that Annie attended and enjoyed working hard to improve her grades. She did really well in her GCSEs and got all A Stars! I am grateful to you for the wonderful work and I wish everyone success."

Leila Beganovic

"Simondeep got seven A's, four B's and two C's in his GCSE exams, including grade A's in both English and Maths. This would not have been possible without you. Thank you for all your support."

Mrs Dhillon

"Just a short note to tell you how delighted me and my husband are with Leonardo's GCSE English progress. Since attending The After-School Learning Centre, he displays such confidence in his work, something he was unable to do before he attended. His school English teachers are now very pleased with his work and he recently achieved a B grade in his English, when just over a year ago he was an E Grade. We would highly recommend your services to our friends. We would like to thank you and your teachers for both the time and enthusiasm in helping us during this period."

Mrs Annabel Foskett

"Thank you for the Masterclasses and tutorials provided to our son in the summer holidays leading up to the 11+ exams. They were the perfect antidote before the exams."

Joanna Gunter

"We are so grateful for your support and time in helping our daughters. Meli and Bella have learnt a lot and enjoy attending the After-School Learning Centre. Wishing everybody success."

Mr & Mrs Sawock

"Thank you for all the help and support you have given us throughout the year. Rovlan has significantly progressed in the three subjects he was tutored in. He achieved A-Stars in Maths, Chemistry and Physics! We are very grateful to you and all your dedicated teachers."

L. Badalova

"I am delighted with Emmanuel Norbi-Scott's SATs results and Maths progress he has made at The After-School Learning Centre. Please extend my gratitude to his teacher."

Antoinette Scott

"Monti passed the QE boys test and also the non-verbal Latymer exam - he sits the 2nd test on Monday. Monti's score in the QE English paper was very good and he would like to thank the teacher for his sterling efforts. Monti would be proud to have this news posted up on your notice board, so we attach copies of the letters he received detailing his considerable exploits. We will recommend you to everybody we encounter!"

Naomi Simpson

"Owen has amazing Maths results. In Year 4 he achieved level 4A which his teacher said is what children normally receive when they leave school at Year 6. Plus he scored 128 where the average is 100 in Maths! His school teacher is over the moon and we’d like to thank you."

John Thomas

"We are delighted with the support James and Richard receive from The After-School Learning Centre. James felt he was well prepared for his secondary entrance exams and gained in confidence. He felt his objective was achievable and this helped him maintain a calm focus on the day of each exam. We are delighted he has obtained a place at QE Boys, which was his first choice. He is very much looking forward to his new school in September. Richard has improved markedly over the past year and now has the confidence and focus to continue learning. He has more of a "can do" attitude. He has come on in leaps and bounds and is now in a better position to keep pace with the rest of his class."

Mrs Oakes

"My son attended The After-School Learning Centre for a year studying Maths and Non Verbal Reasoning in preparation for entrance exams. I highly recommend the school and would not hesitate to send my son again. The professionalism is outstanding with parents receiving detailed feedback, advice and children receiving encouragement and direction. Children are treated in a way that ensures they feel positive in themselves and achieve their potential. There was never a day he questioned attending and came back invigorated in his thirst for knowledge. Congratulations to the school in every aspect of it's conduct and achievement."

Tracy Dineen

"Thank you for the help and support your excellent teachers have given my son. The lessons have been instrumental in his success in GCSE exams."


"After one term’s attendance, our son’s writing has improved ten-fold and he is even joining up! The teaching is tailored to suit his requirements and the regular homework reinforces his learning. The Centre has already proved its worth to my family and we will continue to watch our son go from strength to strength."

Mrs Anson

"My son’s teacher came running out to see me today to tell me how much he had improved since Easter! She said that his writing and spelling have got so much better. Thank you so to much to everybody at The After-School Learning Centre."

Mrs Wheeler

"Thank you so much for teaching my son throughout all his primary years and for getting him ready in Year 6 to sit the Grammar and Independent school entrance exams. The strong foundation he received in English and Maths will assist him in all aspects of his life – he has learnt a great deal!"

Mrs Chan

"Thank you for the great support given to our daughter. We will miss your warm welcome and she will take with her the positive attitude towards learning throughout her life."

Mrs Justine C

"Thank you for all your hard work in helping our sons gain confidence and a better understanding of Maths. They have become more knowledgeable through your teaching of the basics. Our sons enjoy attending The After-School Learning Centre and you always make us all feel welcome in a relaxed environment - you truly have a wonderful team."

Mr & Mrs Parente

"Thank you for the support you have given Mitchell. At his last parents evening in March his teacher reported excellent progress in Maths. She announced that Mitchell is the most improved student in his class this year. Maths is not my strength and I have been concerned about not being able to help Mitchell sufficiently. This is why I came to your centre and am so pleased to have made that decision. His teacher is confident that he will achieve a good level in his SATs which I am very happy about. This is a direct impact of the support from your centre."

Ms Walcott

"Thank you for your support in preparing Jayan for his eleven plus exams. His exam success was clearly aided by your contributions. The tutor’s style put Jayan at ease and the thorough and patient approach made the learning process very enjoyable"

Mrs S Patel

"We are really happy with the support you provide our daughter and would wholeheartedly recommend The After-School Learning Centre to any parents. We feel you operate at the highest of standards and the personal touch you and the teachers give truly adds to the quality parents look for."

Mrs Keenan

"I am extremely happy with my son’s Maths tuition. The small classes and the personalised attention have greatly improved his confidence and ability."

Mrs Lai

"I am thrilled that our daughter has progressed by two whole levels in English. The credit must go to The After-School Learning Centre. You have created a friendly, calm, clean and relaxed study environment which gives the children confidence."

Mr & Mrs Khosla

"We are delighted with the excellent teacher and we are very pleased with the progress our daughter has made in Maths in such a short space of time."

Mrs Fallon

"My wife and I would like to thank The After-School Learning Centre for the work with our son. When he first came he was unable to write much more than half a page. The turnaround in such a short time is breathtaking; even his school teachers commented on the dramatic improvements, which is clearly tangible in his SATs scores. The tremendous improvement in his writing is a testament to the teacher’s commitment to learning. We look forward to further continuation in his development."

Dr Cohen

"We would like to thank you for your continued support and consistent approach to quality education. We know that your staff's encouragement helped our son achieve his GCSE Maths."

Mrs Wallace

"Thank you for the learning our son has achieved. His lessons at The After-School Learning Centre were crucial to his exam success and entry to St Columba’s. For my part, the detailed feedback you gave me at the end of each class was priceless."

Mrs Palmer

"Andrew has been working with you for two years and has made great improvements in his English and Maths! Thank you and I look forward to signing up my other two children."

Mrs L Kyriacou

"Thank you for the excellent work your teachers are doing with my son. His confidence has increased considerably and he enjoys his lessons, especially his Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. My sincere gratitude to you all."

Mrs da Rocha-Afodu & Family

"My husband and I could not be happier with our son’s progress. We needed a teacher at short notice to prepare him for a new private school. The After-School Learning Centre started him off immediately and within a few weeks the improvements were plain to see. Our son is now above and beyond what is expected of him at school. He has exceeded our expectations and we are very proud."

Mr & Mrs Demetriou

"The After-School Learning Centre’s small-group teaching is more motivating for our son than one-on-one tuition and the thorough feedback after each session is great, enabling us to support him at home. The After-School Learning Centre teaches well, they listen and communicate effectively with parents."

Mr & Mrs Keen

"We are very pleased with the tutoring both of our sons receive in English and Maths. They are more confident and have a better understanding."

Mr Figarazzi

"My son’s attendance of The After-School Learning Centre is the best investment I ever made and worth every penny. His rapid improvement after attending a few lessons was clear to see in his school work. He now enjoys Maths and is applying it to daily activities, such as shopping."

Mrs D Onyango

"My daughter’s reading, writing and concentration have greatly improved since she started attending The After-School Learning Centre. The extra lessons are fun and enjoyable. I am amazed at how excited she is about completing her weekly homework which helps to reinforce class learning."

Mr D Philiastides

"My son is now in the top Maths group in his school as a result of his enjoyment in attending The After-School Learning Centre. I am very happy with the teacher because she is highly experienced and understands the needs of my child."

Mrs Jonah

"My son was due to sit the Higher Level GCSE Maths paper a year early but had been studying the Intermediate syllabus at school. His tutor at The After-School Learning Centre quickly assessed his needs and prepared a plan that filled the gaps which enabled him to achieve a grade B at Higher Level GCSE Maths at age 15. He thoroughly enjoyed his time at The After-School Learning Centre and found everyone approachable and encouraging."

Ms C Stewart

"The highly qualified and experienced team quickly assessed our child’s needs and focussed on boosting his performance. He would have found it difficult to sit the entrance exams without the support and instilling of confidence. The quality of service provided by The After-School Learning Centre has been such that we have enrolled our second child to ensure she is well prepared for her exams."

Mr & Mrs Bhimani

"We are very pleased with The After-School Learning Centre and the Verbal/Non-Verbal Reasoning teaching methods; the teacher is brilliant and fantastic with children. Annie enjoys working with her and understands the clarification."

Mrs Beganovic

"My husband and I are very pleased with the outstanding progress both our children have made in Maths in less than one year. Even their school has noted the improvement with our son progressing by two sets and our daughter moving up one set. They are now both more confident to raise their hands and are getting the answers right first time. We are very happy with The After-School Learning Centre’s detailed feedback after each lesson as we are able to address learning issues immediately."

Mr & Mrs George
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