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13 Sep 2022

Homework creates good habits

Good lifelong habits, such as a great work ethic, start from a young age. Establishing a homework routine now will stand your child in good stead from Primary school right through to university and beyond into adulthood and careers.

20 Jul 2022

Kids need to keep learning in summer holidays

How to give your child a head start in September and avoid falling behind over the long summer holidays.

29 Jun 2022

Get your child ready for secondary school

Transitioning from primary to secondary school for the first time can be tough. Solutions are at hand to help your child thrive at their new school.

31 Jul 2021

How to succeed on the day of your exams

The answer is best summarized with a few simple words: "As you are about to enter the exam hall, stay away from negative people around you who can negatively influence your positive mindset."

14 May 2021

Eleven Plus Mock Exam Practise

Timed and supervised English, Maths & Verbal Reasoning exams helping your child to accurately finish on time. Working towards your child achieving over 93% under timed exam conditions.

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