GCSE, IGCSE and AS / A’ Level English, Maths and Science across all Examination Boards are taught at The After-School Learning Centre.

Past paper practice is an essential part of the way your child is taught when attending The After-School Learning Centre. Practice makes perfect through marking and correcting work. Your child is expected to review any mistakes with the teacher’s help. Correct answers are re-written by students and it is suggested that students memorise corrections to avoid repeating mistakes. Finishing the paper accurately and on-time is an essential part of exam technique practice with timed papers forming an important part of the exam coaching work your child will receive at The After-School Learning Centre.

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As well as teaching Exam Boards and Papers most-chosen by schools in London and the Southeast, such as the ones listed below, we can also teach any other exam boards you inform us about:

Please provide details as soon as possible of any other exam boards your child may be taking if different from above.

11-Plus Exams: Verbal & Non-verbal Reasoning

The After-School Learning Centre provides children with support for 11-plus exams, which includes Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning together.

Children will receive specific practice for Verbal and/or Non-Verbal Reasoning in the period leading up to the Exams and practice the tests. Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning practice Tests will be included as part of your booking unless you tell us otherwise.

Private / Independent School Entrance Exams

If you want your child to attend a Private / Independent School with its own Curriculum and Exams, The After-School Learning Centre can support the Entrance and Exam requirements and can continue to support your child once they have gained a place in the School.

The After-School Learning Centre has no connection with nor intends specifically to promote any particular School. There are many Private / Independent Schools across London & the Southeast, and some change their Exam on an annual basis.

The After-School Learning Centre kindly requests that you contact the School(s) of your choice asking for any information that would aid School Entrance. Please forward a copy to The After-School Learning Centre so that a programme of study can be devised.

If no information is forthcoming from your chosen School, then The After-School Learning Centre can still tutor your child to a level more appropriate to a child 6 months, or one year older, for example; as long as your child has the ability to cope with the higher level.

SATs Examinations

The After-School Learning Centre can prepare your child for the SATs Exams with specific teaching based on the content of the Exam.

Depending on your child’s School Year and Ability Level, appropriate Exam Practice Papers will be issued and the cost of providing these is included in your child’s fees.

Children will be encouraged in their understanding of Exam Questions, and both in their accuracy and speed of answering. General Exam Presentation, particularly with Year 6 and 9 English, will also be included.

Tests are given to children at the end of:

  • Year 2 in the Infant School
  • Year 6 in the Junior School
  • Year 9 in the Secondary School

Schools use these Tests for ‘placing’ children when they arrive at the beginning of their Junior or Secondary School. The Tests are also used as a guide for Year 9 children so that teaching staff can place your child in the appropriate class to cope with the GCSE Exams at the correct Level.

GCSE, IGCSE & AS/A'Level Exams

The After-School Learning Centre will help prepare your child for GCSE, IGCSE AS and A ‘ Level Exams throughout Years 10 to 13 (the Exam Years). IGCSE and GCSE Exams are held in the May and June of Year 11 with re-sits taking place the following November or Summer. Based on course-work and exam performance, Grades of A*, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, N are awarded.

A grade ‘C’ is usually the lowest acceptable Grade for most Universities, Colleges and Employers offering ‘Quality’ prospects.

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