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The After-School Learning Centre offers parents a whole host of advisory services and additional courses. Call 020 8440 8586 to talk about your child's requirements or to book a consultation in any of the areas listed below:

  • Advice on selecting the best Secondary School for your child - support for parents with every step of your child's journey from primary to secondary school. Specialist knowledge of schools and admissions criteria. Choice of schools and admissions criteria - advice on the different types of schools available, when and how to apply.
  • Assessments and interviews with children to find out which schools are the most suitable.
  • Help with completing application forms and advice on important dates of head teacher's speeches, deadlines and important documents for submitting with your child's application.
  • Interview preparation for 11+/13+/Private Schools.
  • Year 9 GCSE choices in which your child will excel.
  • Choosing the best A-Level's in which your child will excel and mentally/ practically preparing them for the huge leap from GCSE to A'Level – practical study skills and organising your child's free time to achieve the best possible exam grades.
  • How to choose the best University for your child and help with completing the UCAS form - entry requirements, writing personal statements, preparing for interviews.
  • Oxbridge & Cambridge interview preparation.
  • Work experience placements before starting university.
  • Careers advisory service.
  • Suggestions of professionals to support your child, such as: Psychiatrists, Educational Psychologists, Child and Speech and Language Therapists and Paediatricians.

Advice on selecting the right school or university for your child Career / work-placement advice

One of the things you probably do before purchasing a house is to seek mortgage advice. You probably look at the "best-buy" tables when thinking about buying a new car or expensive electrical equipment. So why not do the same if you want help in finding the best school to suit your child's ability? We can assist by offering you expert advice on SATs, Primary Schools, Selective, Independent Schools and much more. Following our face-to-face consultation, we will also compile a detailed and easy to read report which you can look through at your leisure. Save time and money by getting personal guidance to plan your child's education and boost grades.

Study skills and exam technique

Your child requires at least three months to prepare for an exam, so do not leave the all-important exam preparation until a couple of weeks before the actual exam. The focus of this course is on preparing the student to answer the questions specified in the exam paper under timed conditions. Past exam papers are used and students are coached to concentrate on the areas where examiners award the most points. The thorough preparation we provide will assist your child with overcoming exam stress and the freezing-up that all too often takes place on the day. By the time your child gets to the actual exam she/he will become familiar with the format and what is expected to successfully achieve an A* or A grade.

Easter revision courses

Gain the confidence and skills to achieve your desired exam results.

Summer courses for students retaking exams or wanting to sit exams early

We will help your child to achieve their potential in a less pressurised environment.

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