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  • Is your child struggling?

Does your child:

  • Complete homework quickly without finishing some questions or checking work?
  • Worry about trying in case mistakes are made?
  • Skip words or lines or add words which are not there when reading?
  • Easily give up on homework or says they do not understand before reading instructions and having a go?
  • Display shyness or reluctance to put up their hand at school to ask for help or answer questions?
  • Suffer from a lack of confidence and low self-esteem?
  • Struggle to remember Maths rules and concepts?

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, then The After-School Learning Centre can boost your child’s confidence and to succeed in making progress at school.

How does The After-School Learning Centre teach children who are struggling with Literacy, Numeracy or Science? The After-School Learning Centre needs to know your child’s educational background (and medical history if relevant), so that a programme of study can be tailored that is most appropriate to filling the gaps in your child’s knowledge.

Children, particularly those who are struggling at school, often enjoy the change of environment. As your child is taught individually, no other child will know at what level they are working. This alone, immediately restores confidence in a great many children.

Children are taught sympathetically and rewarded with positive language to motivate and boost confidence. The right materials are provided and tailored by The After-School Learning Centre.

The After-School Learning Centre

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