The Learning Centre is OPEN & COVID SAFE

We take your child's safety seriously as we prepare to welcome back your child for lessons at The Learning Centre.

After conducting a thorough and robust COVID-19 risk assessment, here are the many measures we have taken to keep your child safe whilst learning:

Hand sanitizer available in reception on entering The Learning Centre and in every class room
Please follow the one way arrows when entering and leaving the building
Natural air ventilation in every room
Every child will have a socially distant desk so children are sat far apart from one another
Parents to wait outside if dropping off or collecting children.  Please stand apart from other parents ensuring you observe the social distancing signage on the pavement
Children to bring their own pencil case with pens, pencils, ruler, protector, compass, eraser and scientific calculator if your child is a secondary school pupil.  The Learning Centre will continue to supply writing paper
The Learning Centre surfaces and door handles will be wiped down regularly with strong cleaning detergent.
Cleaning products and safe disposal available in all areas at all times
Soap and water available at all times
It is advisable to wear a mask by all pupils, teachers and parents for lessons and when entering The Learning Centre.  Or a visor could be preferable for comfort or if your child suffers from asthma, breathing / respiratory issues
We regularly reassess our COVID-19 risk strategy to ensure it continues to comply with the latest best practices
Two of the rooms at The Learning Centre will no longer be used for teaching groups of pupils, in order to comply with social distancing requirements


We hope you find this message reassuring by Professor Chris Whitty, England’s Chief Medical Officer as quoted in The Sunday Times on 23 August 2020:

“The risk to children from coronavirus is very, very low and much, much lower than the impact of them missing out on school, so that’s a key reason why it’s safe to get back.”

“The chances of children catching Covid and then getting long-term serious problems as a result of it solely due to going to school are incredibly small. The evidence that not going to school harmed children in the long run was “overwhelming.

Christopher John MacRae Whitty CB FRCP FFPH FMedSci is an English physician and epidemiologist who is Chief Medical Officer for England, Chief Medical Adviser to the UK Government, Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department of Health and Social Care and Head of the National Institute for Health Research. 

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