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Learning to live with robots, drones and super computers
February 3, 2021

Is your child’s learning preparing them for living with robots, drones, space age phones and super computers?


As most children find themselves once again learning from home, it's natural for some to feel a loss of motivation and drive when they are so used to classroom teachers preparing them for exams.

The benefits of tuition can be felt far beyond the exams your child is preparing for.  Whether your child is preparing for eleven plus, GCSE or A-Level exams we equip your child with a heightened knowledge of English, Maths and Science skills.

Necessary skills for dealing with technology that is moving so fast that it is literally eating up traditional jobs.  In five to ten years’ time (YES that soon), your child be doing jobs which have not been invented yet.

Forget about driverless cars which will be with us in five years’ time that will destroy millions of taxi and delivery driver’s livelihoods.  Technology is now about to disrupt well paid white collar jobs in finance, law and medicine.

How what we teach your child is preparing them for the digital age:

·      English – whether reading a book or an instruction manual - everyone can benefit from having sharper inference skills and an ability for close reading between the lines. These are essential lifelong learning skills, including for A-Level, university study and for understanding what bosses and peers say and write in the workplace. 

·      Our Maths classes strengthen your child’s ability to do mental Maths calculations and problem solving skills.  Problems looking for solutions will never go away.

·      Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning helps with decoding relationships between themes, shapes, visual information and data.  Essential in preparing your child for living with robots, space age phones and super computers.

·      Accurate use of scientific terminology is the key to achieving high GCSE and A - Level grades in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Essential lifelong skills in understanding how medicines react with our body.

The enduring logo on the back of our business cards remains true today as when we first started out sixteen years ago: “Our qualified teachers build literacy and numeracy skills that last a lifetime, encourage creative thinking and boost self-confidence”.

We are proud of all our current and former student’s ability to take what they have learnt at The After - School Learning Centre and to be able to use their newly acquired knowledge to help them at school, university and the workplace. 


Here is what Carlen said about his tuition at The After – School Learning Centre: "The Maths tutoring I received at The After-School Learning Centre was tailored to my advanced ability which was invaluable in enabling me to reach my potential in GCSE and at A - Level. This was the building block which helped me to pursue a Science degree at a Top UK University and to land a top graduate job."

Carlen Leonard MChem (Hons) First Class Chemistry, Loughborough University 2020 & now Graduate Engineer at BAE Systems.


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