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“The most successful people in the world who are healthy, wealthy and wise choose education over entertainment.” Jay Shetty
April 11, 2018

True wisdom is usually associated with people of a certain age who have long white beards, lots of wrinkles and a sage like appearance.   So imagine one’s pleasant surprise to discover local North London boy turned good and ex Queen Elizabeth’s Boys School pupil, Jay Shetty who has become MASSIVELY FAMOUS for all the right reasons. 

Jay is a world renowned adviser to FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, he is a broadcaster, philosopher, Internet sensation and to cap it all was formerly a monk!  Jay is the real deal for people going places, seeking inspiration and ideas to kick start their life, organisation, business or school.

And to all the head teachers, CEOs and HR Directors out there; here is the hard headed take home message: if we are in the business of wanting to inspire youngsters and people in the workplace to transform or find their true path in life, then lets expose them to charismatic communicators of substance, like Jay, who make learning fun and practical.  Why wouldn’t the message be fun when as well as the above quote, Jay says things, such as: “My parents gave me three choices in life: to become a doctor, lawyer or a failure”.  Clearly Jay became none of the above.

Thank you Duru for introducing my wife to Jay's video.  As a result my life has become a lot richer.  Feel free to watch Jay in action and I hope some parts or all of Jay’s positive messages resonate with you:

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