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28 Mar 2018

Handy homework tips

Homework should be a productive and stress-free time for the child and parent. Above all, these tips will help your child to get into the habit of producing quality work rather than quantity.

13 Mar 2018

Reading suggestions for children aged 11 to 16

Your child’s English writing skills could improve by one whole grade simply by proof reading work, correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation errors and MOST IMPORTANTLY reading for half an hour every day.

21 Sep 2017

What can I do at home to improve my child’s Maths?

Parents with children of Primary school age regularly ask us: “What can we do at home to help our child improve in Maths?”

4 Oct 2016

Eight golden exam tips for reading comprehension

Read the whole passage carefully once for meaning. Before writing answers for the questions, read the questions to check what you need to be looking for.

29 Aug 2016

Learning Centre students achieve a record breaking number of TOP GCSE & A-Level exam grades. But what can others do who didn't achieve the results they desired?

2016 has been another record breaking year of exam success for students at The Learning Centre with more pupils than ever overwhelmingly securing way above five A Star to B grade GCSEs.

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